E-2 Visa

For Franchise & Business Owners

Do you want to reside in the United States and run and work for your own business? Apply for a E-2 visa providing the benefit of living in the US and faster visa processing. There is no limit to how many times an E-2 visa can be renewed. An applicant, their spouse, and children under age 21 can accompany the same E-2 visa. Also, the applicant is not subject to US worldwide tax which is the case with the EB-5 program.

What is E-2 Visa?

E-2 visa or E-2 treaty investor visa is available to nationals of more than 30 nations having trade treaties with the U.S. This is the most powerful and likely  the fastest immigration option for investors and entrepreneurs planning to start a business in the U.S. 

People with sufficient funds for investment can visit the United States with their E-2 visa for starting a business. This investment-based visa allows you to buy an existing business or start a new one in the United States and work for that specific business.

Compared to other visa options, the E-2 visa processing time is shorter. India is not a treaty country but the program is available to Indian citizens by obtaining a second Passport from a nation having a treaty with the USA. An applicant doesn’t obtain a Green Card or permanent US residency through an E-2 visa. It only provides the chance to extend the visa indefinitely or for the duration business concerned is workable.

E-2 Visa Benefits

Foreign investors as well as their dependents including spouses and minor children who age less than 21 can benefit from an E-2 visa in the following ways :

How do I Apply for E-2 Visa?

Valid for 3 months to 5 years based on the nation of origin, an E-2 visa needs a foreign national for investment in a new or current business in the US. The visa holder needs to be directly involved in managing and operating the business in the US. The order and way of the E-2 visa application can differ based on the consulate or the US embassy. So, visit the official website of the required Consulate or Embassy to check the updated guidelines. 

Contact us for a referral to US immigration counsel to develop your immigration plan. Then, let’s discuss your investment options. 

Note that in some situations you may need to print and complete the Nonimmigrant Treaty Trader or Treaty Investor Application to explain your business plan and investment before an interview.
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E-2 Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

Foreign investors as well as their dependents including spouses and minor children under 21 can benefit from an E-2 visa in the following ways:

How Long Do Indian Residents Have to Wait to Obtain an E-2 Visa?

There is no specific timeline for Indian citizens to get an E-2 visa. It may vary based on Indian investors. The average time will be around 5 months if you are present in the USA and have obtained a second passport from another nation. The premium processing duration will be 15 days for $2,500. The processing timeline via a Consulate may differ from 2 weeks to around 4 months for those outside of the United States.

How much does it Cost for Indian Citizens to Get E-2 Visa?

After obtaining a second passport from a nation having a Treaty with the US, an applicant requires an investment amount of approximately US $150K. For investors in the USA, the cost for Form I-129 will be $460 (Form I-539 – $370 per dependent). The 15-day premium processing will cost $2,500. For investors in the home nation, the cost will be $205 per DS-160 form. It will include business entity formation costs and lawyer’s fees. RBI or Reserve Bank of India in its monetary policy review has increased the remittance limit under LRS (Liberalised Remittance Scheme) to $250K for a single person yearly.

E-2 Businesses for Sale for Indian Investors

An Indian investor who has received a second passport from a nation having a Treaty with the USA, can invest a certain amount in MNCs (multinational corporations) or purchase a franchise, an existing business, restaurants, or consulting businesses. An investor can qualify as long as they’re investing a ‘substantial amount’ amount in the business. 

If you’re unable to get citizenship to an E-2 nation, you can apply for other US visas like EB-5 visas or L-1 visas. We at EB-5 Investor Portal will guide you and navigate the E-2 visa program.

E-2 Visa Can Lead to a US Green Card!

There is a little know strategy of combining the E-2 visa and EB-3 unskilled category to obtain a green card. The family comes to the USA and goes though the E-2 visa process so they can live, work, play and educate their children in the US. Then, one spouse will become an applicant under the EB-3 program and work in an unskilled position with a particular master franchisor and after one year, apply to get a green card for the entire family. The family can keep the franchise or sell it. There are many details to this strategy which can be discussed.