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EB-5 Direct Investment

An EB-5 direct investment is made directly into creating at least 10 new direct and full-time jobs and operating a new business through a permanent EB-5 investor program. We design different customized franchise investment packages that best suit your individual investment and immigration needs.


An employment-based visa EB-2 visa is available to non-US residents having an advanced degree or exceptional ability. Acquiring this visa helps in becoming a legal permanent resident of the US or getting an unconditional US Green Card. Reach our experts to know the visa application process, benefits, fees, and other things that can lead you to a US Green Card.

E-2 Visa Treaty

This non-immigrant classification enables an investor of a treaty country to be admitted to the United States while making significant investment in a business. It allows an investor to purchase an existing business or start a new business right from scratch in the US and work for that business. We will guide you to navigate the E-2 visa treaty program through our clued-up experts.

L-1 Visa

Obtaining an L-1 visa will help you live and work in the United States of America (USA). This nonimmigrant visa is designed for managers, executives, and specialized workers of an MNC and is valid for 3 months for Iranian citizens and 5 years for Indian and Japanese citizens. Our knowledgeable professionals will guide you throughout the application and approval process to easily and quickly get this visa.

L-1 EB-1C (Path of Green Card)

L-1 visa is for intracompany transfers where an employee is transferred from a related foreign unit to the US Company. EB-1C visa is the 3rd category in the first preference of an employment-based visa available for an employee presently working in the US or multinational executives or managers at a company overseas working with the US. Our well-informed experts will guide you with all categories of L-1 visas, the EB-1C process, and associated things to get a visa with no stress.

EB-5 Regional Center

An EB-5 regional center promotes U.S. economic growth in a specific region via foreign investment and job creation. It allows the US NCE (New Commercial Enterprise) – private or public entity or both, to combine the capital from many investors into a single project. Obtaining the EB-5 investor visa allows an investor and their minor children and spouse to get permanent resident status through investment. We’ll assist you through the best investment options to quickly get lawful citizenship.

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3S Hospitality
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Geoff Has Been Amazing To Work With And Very Responsive. His Knowledge Of The EB-5 Program Has Been Unparalleled. We Are Very Excited To Acquire Our First Investor And Take Our Business To The Next Level.
CONNOR IRISH <img src="https://www.eb5eb5.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/icons8-instagram-verification-badge.svg" height="15px" width="15px">
Founder & CEO Of PRXY.CO
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The EB-5 Investor Portal team has always been a pleasure to work with anytime we’ve crossed paths. They are subject matter experts; they specialize in building connections; and they are always available to provide the highest level of client service. Our view is simple at PRXY - we build relationships with people who care for the client as much as we do.
LEO ZHU <img src="https://www.eb5eb5.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/icons8-instagram-verification-badge.svg" height="15px" width="15px">
General Manager Trinity International Consulting & Partners
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Dear Mr. Geoff Taylor, It's been a great pleasure and honor to work with you closely in various EB-5 projects since 2012. Thanks to your knowledge in EB-5 policy and business practice, we have made together solid record in the completed and onging projects. I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to developing our cooperation in the next phase.
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Director of International Services
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Proxy Financial has had a long-standing partnership with the EB5EB5 portal, for many years it has been a reliable source of information for our investors. Besides that, Geoff and team have always been a pleasure to work with. Geoff and his team understand the needs of investors in an evolving EB-5 market and puts their interests first. He works closely with me and other with professionals throughout the industry to help investors achieve their goals.