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Of Capital


Three Levels and Ten Best Practices for Investor Protection

Broker Dealer

  • Due diligence conducted by an independent, licensed securities firm.
  • Project is being offered in compliance with U.S. securities laws.
  • Securities firm provides monitoring, supervision and an approval role in compliance with securities laws.

Third Party Escrow

  • Capital Contribution and Admin Fee wired to separate accounts controlled by third party escrow.
  • Escrow release provisions provide for release of funds only after escrow receives copy of I526 filing receipt from USCIS.
  • Capital Contribution released to Limited Partnership account / Admin fee funds released to immigration attorney, broker dealer and EB -5 Investor Portal.

Fund Control

  • No release of funds to project company until it submits a ‘draw request’ to the LP General Partner.
  • Draw request summarizes line item expenditures and backup invoices.
  • Draw request reviewed and approved by third party licensed general contractor.
  • Funds released to project for qualifying expenditures per Business Plan.

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