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The EB-5 Investor Portal

The EB-5


Three steps to acquiring a U.S. Green Card through the EB-5 program

Application Process

  • Hire U.S. immigration attorney/tax planning specialist.
  • Complete Investor Suitability Questionnaire.
  • Confer with securities firm regarding an EB-5 Investor Portal project.
  • Review Confidential Offering Materials with securities firm.
  • Wire EB-5 Investment and Admin Fee into U.S. escrow accounts.
  • Complete I-526 Petition, including Source of Funds Analysis.
  • Submit I-526 Petition to USCIS.

Receive Conditional Green Card

  • USCIS review of I-526 Petition.
  • Approval of Conditional Green Card for investor and immediate family.
  • U.S. Consulate interview for Adjustment of Status.
  • Visit the United States within 180 days of approval & Green Card holder must visit the U.S. no less than once per year.

Criteria Include:

  • Does business plan demonstrate likelihood of creating 10+ jobs?
  • Was required amount invested in new project?
  • Were investment funds lawfully sourced?

Receive Permanent Green Card

  • USCIS review of I-829 petition.
  • Submit proof that 10+ jobs were created.
  • Approval of Permanent Green Card - 99%+ approval rates.
  • Return of capital to investor (no less than 5 years) has been reviewed by FINRA

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