United Kingdom

The EB-5 U.S. immigrant  investor visa  program  for UK investors provides a direct path to obtaining  a U.S. Green Card (U.S. permanent residence) after meeting all requirements. Getting permanent residence allows UK investors and their families to enjoy a permanent stay in the U.S. and work permanently in the United States. To get eligible for this visa, UK investors need a minimum investment, legitimate source of funds, and 10 or more full-time job creation for American citizens. The EB-5 visa application for UK investors presently remains on the ‘current’ status. According to the reports of Investment Migration Insider,  UK residents belong  to the top nations that contribute 80% of EB-5 US Visa applications in April 2020. After getting  a permanent US residence, United Kingdom investors and their dependents get the right to relocate and work in the United States independently without any sponsorship restrictions.

Benefits of EB-5 Visa for United Kingdom Residents

The EB-5 immigrant visa offers a wide range of benefits for UK investors and their families including the following :

EB-5 Visa Risks for UK Investors

When applying for an EB-5 visa, UK investors may have to face the following risks.

EB-5 Visa Requirements for UK Investors

To qualify for an EB-5 immigrant investment visa, UK investors need to satisfy the following requirements :

Income Requirements for UK Investors

The financial criteria for United Kingdom investors are listed below :

EB-5 Visa Process for UK Investors

UK investors need to follow the step-by-step process given below for an EB-5 visa application.

EB-5 Visa Costs for UK Citizens

EB-5 Visa Can Lead to a Green Card!

Obtaining an EB-5 Visa benefits UK investors and their dependents with permanent US residency or a green card.  EB-5 Investor Portal, can  assist you navigate the EB-5 visa program in conjunction with our U.S. legal partners. Contact our team to get customized recommendations on starting  immigration for you and your family.