The EB-5 Visa is an investor visa that helps Indian citizens and people from other nations obtain  USA residency status after making certain investments in US companies. The EB-5 US Immigrant Investor Visa Program is available for Indian residents and is highly in demand among people from Bangalore, Punjab, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, and other Indian states and cities to get permanent resident status in the USA.

Benefits of EB-5 Visa for Indians

Indian people constitute the 2nd largest immigrant group in the US. The EB-5 Visa Program benefits Indian residents in numerous ways including the following :

EB-5 Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens

To become an eligible applicant for the EB-5 visa, you have  to meet certain qualifying investment and financial requirements as listed below :

Income Requirements for an Indian Investor

To support successful business investment, an Indian investor  has to follow certain financial criteria :

EB-5 Visa India Documentation Required

EB-5 Visa Process for Indian Residents

Just like residents from other nationalities, Indian citizens have to follow an organized process for a US EB-5 investor visa as listed below :

EB-5 Visa Costs for Indian Citizens

Alongside the investment of certain capital,  an EB-5 applicant (Indian citizen) has to pay other  fees  and costs throughout the EB-5 Visa Investment Program including :

EB-5 Visa Can Lead to a Green Card!

At EB-5 Investor Portal, we have assisted many investors in acquiring their USA residency via EB-5 investor visa. We can assist you in easing the application process and other procedures of residency acquisition by investment in the USA.